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Last updated May 28, 2003: New Pictures added from Kennesaw, Tifton, Camilla, Albany, and Moultrie.

I am going to try to get pictures of most all of the steam engines that are preserved in Georgia on this web page. Georgia has several steam engines scattered about the state, including quite a few 2-8-2s and 2-8-0s. This web page will seek to document all these engines, which make take a great deal of time. If you have any pictures of any preserved Georgia Steam engines, including better pictures than I have on this site, I will add them to my site and give you credit for them if I post them.

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This engine is located at the depot in downtown Albany. The museum is in the mist of a cosmetic restoration of Georgia Northern #107. It should be noted that she is former Florida East Coast #88, which makes her a sister of Savannah & Atlanta #750.

Georgia Northern Picture 1

Georgia Northern Picture 2

Georgia Northern Picture 3

Augusta: Augusta-Richmond Museum

This museum is home to Georgia Railroad 2-8-2 #302. The museum is located in downtown Augusta very near the river walk. She is displayed inside the museum and looks very good. There is also an old trolley and a passenger car on display at the museum. However, I could not get very good pictures because she is inside. I am seeking pictures of her when she was outside at the museums old site. She moved inside about 5 years ago.

Georgia Railroad Picture 1

Georgia Railroad Picture 2

 Atlanta: Stone Mountain

There are three steam engines at Stone Mountain. None of these engines are operable at this time and as far as I know there are no plans to make any of them operable. Number 60 is pushed around the railroad so it looks like she is pulling the train. These pictures were taken at Christmas time during 1999, which explains all the silly decorations on #60.

Cliffside Railroad #110 2-6-2

San Antonio & Aransas Pass #60 4-4-0

Red River & Gulf #104 4-4-0

Atlanta: Cyclorama, Grant Park

The Texas is preserved inside the building, which also houses the Cyclorama a huge painting depicting the Battle of Atlanta. The Texas is of course one of the engines involved in the Great Locomotive Chase. The engine is well preserved but surrounded by supports, which prevent a good picture from being taken. This picture was also taken during Christmas time, which explains the look of the engine.

Western & Atlantic Texas #49 4-4-0

Atlanta: Underground

This little narrow gauge engine is located just outside the entrance to Underground Atlanta. She is owned by the Warner Bros store that is at Underground. There is no information provided on this engine. She does look kind of neat even if she is adorned with Sylvester and friends.

Warner Bros. 4-4-0


Number 9 is a 2-8-2 located in Camilla and she is oil-fired. She was built by Baldwin in 1925 for Brooks-Scalon lumber company located in Foley, Fl.. She was later sold to the Foley Lumber Co., which eventually sold her to the Georgia Northern Railway, which was owned by the Pidcock Family in Moultrie. In 1966, the Georgia Northern was bought by the Southern. Southern donated the engine to Camilla in 1971. She looked freshly painted when I visited her in October 2002. You can climb into the cab and walk around the enclosed area.

Camilla Picture 1

Camilla Picture 2

Camilla Picture 3

Columbus: Fort Benning

My dad took this picture of the engine that is preserved at Fort Benning. Sorry for the poor picture quality, but I think my dad was having a problem with his camera at the time. This picture was taken sometime ago.

US Army #1902 2-6-2t

Cleveland Georgia

This is a Rockton-Rion engine is located at Yonah Station which is between Cleveland and Helen. It is located right off the side of the road next to an old railway station. This picture was taken on June 10, 2000.

Rockton-Rion #20 0-4-0t

Conyers Georgia

Midlstead Railroad 0-6-0 #104 This engine used to be outdoors, but a shelter has been built over her recently. It is always nice to see a park engine at least get a roof to keep some of the elements away.

Duluth SouthEastern Railway Museum

This museum moved recently to a much large facility. It is still located in Duluth Georgia, which is just outside of Atlanta. They do not have all their equipment on display yet, because they are working on their buildings. A&WP 290 is not on display and neither is their 2-8-0 or Old Maude. However, there is plenty to see at the museum. I feel this is a very under rated museum when you consider they have four nice sized steam engines, a heisler, and a running 0-6-0t. The new site offers better preservation with its large buildings to safeguard their great collection. These are pictures at the new site All photos were taken and scanned by me.

Gainesville Midland #203 2-10-0

S&A #750 4-6-2

CLCX #9 55ton 2 truck Heisler

NCR 0-4-0F "Dayton"

Indoor Pictures of S&A #750

Georgia Power 0-6-0t #97 (operational)

East Point: East Point Historical Society

Cherokee Brick and Tile 2-4-2t #3

This little engine is located on the grounds of the East Point Historical Society. The historical society is located on Norman Berry Blvd, which I arrived at by taking interstate 85 to Cleveland Avenue to Norman Berry. The society is located on the other side of a railway over pass. Some other Cherokee Brick and Tile engines survive at the Agrirama in Tifton, Georgia.

Gainesville Georgia

This engine is one of four former Gainesville Midland 2-10-0s that are preserved. It is former SAL #533. It is located in downtown Gainesville, Ga. A tree blocked a really good picture. These pictures were taken June 10,2000.

Gainesville Midland #209 2-10-0

Jefferson Georgia

This neat consolidation is located in small park on Highway 129, which is off of Interstate 85. She is former Central of Georgia 215. The cover was put up as part of an Eagle Scout project. A large outlet mall is located very close to this engine in Commerce, Georgia, so if you are on 85, drop the wife off and take a look at her. Not too far from the engine is Gainesville Midland 2-10-0 # 208 in Winder, Georgia.

Gainesville Midland 116 picture 1

Gainesville Midland 116 picture 2

Gainesville Midland 116 picture 3

Kennesaw Georgia

I will add more about this museum in the future. The General is the famous 4-4-0 that was part of the Great Locomotive Chase during the Civil War. The General has moved into the new museum that covers the new Civil War Locomotive and Railway Museum, which is located in the Glover Machine Works building. The building is across the street from the old location at the Big Shanty Museum in downtown Kennesaw. The museum also has two Glover engines, both 0-4-0’s. One is complete, while the other engine is apart. The museum is first class and definitely worth a visit is you are in the area. It is too bad that the Texas also not here.

General Picture 1

General Picture 2

Glover Engine Picture 1

Glover Engine Picture 2

Marietta Georgia

Glover Machine Works #4 This nice little narrow gauge engine is on display in downtown Marietta right by the town square. CSX tracks run right next to the display. It was built by the Glover Machine Works in 1916 and worked at the Coulburn Borthers and went back to Glover in 1922. It was restored in 1992.

Macon: Central City Park

Central of Georgia 2-8-0 #509 This engine received a recent paint job and looks pretty good. I believe the paint job was from the Central of Georgia Railroad Historical Society.


This engine is located in Moultrie, Georgia. I don’t know much about the engine other than that it is Georgia Northern #105 and a 2-8-2. These pictures were taken in October 2002. The written information on this engine, states that this engine has the first all welded tender in the United States. She was donated to the city in 1968.

Georgia Northern 105 Picture 1
Georgia Northern 105 Picture 2
Georgia Northern 105 Picture 3
Georgia Northern 105 Picture 4
Savannah: Savannah History Museum

This engine is nicely preserved inside at the Savannah History Museum in downtown Savannah. This picture was taken in the late 1980s. The tender is located at the Historic Railroad Shops in Savannah.

Central Of Georgia #103 4-6-0

Savannah: Historic Shops

Here are some pictures from the Historic shops in Savannah Georgia. These pictures were taken by Rudd Long, who was nice enough to send them to me and allow me to post them. When I was in Savannah, I did not know about the existence of this museum. I think I was about 13 at the time, so it was in the late 1980s.

Central of Georgia 2-8-0 #223 As you can see this engine is setting in the roundhouse at the museum. This engine used to be in Columbus Georgia, but has since been rescued from the fate of rusting away in a park and put inside the at the museum in Savannah.

Central of Georgia 0-6-0t #154 "old maude" This former Central of Georgia also is displayed inside the roundhouse at the museum. I believe it use to be in a park in Macon Georgia.

Stationary Boiler There is also a stationary boiler on display at the museum in Savannah. This is the oldest surviving stationary boiler in Georgia and it was made in Macon.


This engine is located in Sylvester, Georgia. I don’t know much about the engine other than that it is Georgia, Ashburn, Sylvester, and Camilla #100 and a 2-8-2. Many thanks to Michael Mulligan for sending me these pictures and Justin Mulligan for taking them and scanning them.

Georgia, Ashburn, Sylvester, and Camilla #100 2-8-2

The Agrirama in Tifton, there are a number of very small steam engines. However, only two are visible at the museum. The other two or three are located in a place that is not safe to get to. Engine #3 was running when I visited the museum. Engine #1 was in the shop, but still visible. The museum can be seen from Interstate 75.

Engine #3 Picture 1

Engine #3 Picture 2

Engine #1


This is Gainesville Midland 2-10-0 #208. She is preserved undercover in the downtown Winder. Winder is located off highway 316 and not far from the Gainesville Midland engine in Jefferson. One interesting not about this engine is that she has a doghouse on her tender. Her location prevents a good picture. I hope to add more pictures of her in the near future.

Winder 208 #1

Winder 208 #2